Coffee Bags

We only sell coffees we work with in the shop. We carefully choose the origins, varietal, the processing method and of course the roaster. Leave us a message or call if you want to know anything about brewing or selecting the coffee. You know us. You can trust us!

Mad Goat Coffee cups

Mad Goat's cups are handcrafted in a small workshop in Cluj. The perfect thermal retention, the size and the shape are designed for specialty coffee. Thank you, Andrei @logocups.

Why Choose Us?

Living the Mad Goat experience at home. Never drink bad coffee and always have it in a nice cup. 

Summer menu

Iced Latte 17

Espresso Tonic 17

Cold Brew 15

Cold Brew Tonic 17

Cold Brew Gin&Tonic 22

Beer 0,33cl 10

Prosecco 22


Mad Goat Coffee Shop

2K Splaiul Independentei



Splaiul Independentei 2K